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OLT involved in Feile’s Equinox

The Creggan neighbourhood will host a new festival, Equinox, on Wednesday 20th March. Equinox will be a time for creativity,  sharing stories, cleansing and celebration and will feature a series of events taking place across Creggan from sunrise to sunset.

The equinox, or Cónocht an Earraigh in Gaelic, has held a special place in Ireland for thousands of years. The word “equinox” derives its name from the Latin term “eqi” which means “equal” and “nox” which means “night”. There are two equinoxes each year in March and September, when the day and night are approximately 12 hours each everywhere on Earth. Some speculate that the close proximity of the spring equinox to St Patrick’s Day is due to a merging of ancient Celtic traditions with more modern Christian rituals.

Training & Education

Congratulations to staff and volunteers from Reading Rooms at Verbal Arts Centre for completing the DEEDS Dementia Awareness Training.

Thank you for helping Derry & Strabane become more dementia friendly. If you would like more information on our Dementia Awareness Training or the Immersive Experience, please contact or phone 02871 373870

Carers monthly drop in

The programme alternates between day and evening sessions to try and capture those carers who may still be working or find it hard to come out during the day. All dates and time are noted until June

The Drop In offers peer support but also sometimes speakers and directed conversation on topics that carers wish to explore. Come chat, or listen and learn. As it is a drop in  no booking is required and it is not necessary to attend all sessions – just attend when you can.

For more information contact Sinead on 028 71 37 38 70 or email

Supported by OLT staff & National lottery community funding

Fundraiser for our DEEDS Project

The Nerve Centre Presents…

Willie Barrett’s Gweedore Reunion in aid of our DEEDS – Dementia Engaged and Empowered in Derry & Strabane PROJECT

Thank you to everyone involved & for choosing to support local people living with dementia & their families through this AMAZING event!

Please share, get you tickets & support this great cause!

OLT Annual General Meeting 2024 Invite

The Board of directors & Staff would like to invite you all to the annual general meeting scheduled in the healthy living centre on Tuesday the 12th March at 1pm.

Come along and hear what we have been up to over the last year

Thank you!

Social Snooker Club

Have you an interest in Snooker? Would you like to come along and join a few others in a casual non competitive environment for a bit of Craic and banter?

Why not get in touch with Pete and give it a go!

Men’s Health

Are you a local man who would like to join other local men in a friendly and relaxed setting twice a week to improve your fitness, health and general wellbeing?

If so get in touch with Pete. Great group of lads that train in the healthy living centre on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.