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A Conversation on Addiction & Recovery with Paul Merson.

An inspiring night for recovery

The OLT and our CIT project partners Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum are delighted to have held such a fantastic event within the heart of our local community to provide a platform to share inspiring stories of recovery.

An inspiring night for all, from those that have worked alongside the project across the year in providing a wrap round of programmes and services for individuals to be supported, to are very own participants bravely sharing their journey.

Followed by Paul Merson’s powerful and honest conversation that offered a relatable and authentic account of recovery that has resonated with many individuals facing similar challenges.

We would to thank everyone that attended and supported the event, especially to those that took to the stage to share their insights, thoughts and experiences. A big thank to our partners Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum for the wonderful partnership in pulling the event together and Paul Merson for sharing his story, along with continued support by our funders at the TEO.

OLT Celebrate International Men’s Day

A busy health checks room during Saturday’s Old Library Trust’s Men’s Health Day.

International Men’s Day – On Saturday 19th November the Old Library Trust (OLT) held a one-off event to celebrate International Men’s Day, the OLT dedicated a day of complimentary therapies, health checks and awareness raising to provide men the opportunity to access treatment and support for their health and wellbeing. This event gave men access to detailed health screening, in blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose, providing a clear indicator of their current health and staff offered help with the next steps to improve their health.

The OLT aim is to support our community, particularly men, who are at higher risk of poor mental health, suicide and who ordinarily wouldn’t avail of support services; by planning a large-scale wellness day on International Men’s Day and highlight their key theme of this year is “Helping Men and Boys”.

Local man Seamus Breslin said: ‘It’s great to see these health days in our community. Far too often, we men fail to get checked out and more should be availing of these opportunities within the Creggan community.’ ‘Regardless of age, all males should be taking part in health checks. Get your cholesterol, blood press and sugar levels checked regularly. Well done to the Old Library Trust for bringing programmes like this to the Creggan.’

Local Creggan man Seamus Breslin gets a cholesterol check with the OLT’s Jonathan Peberdy during Saturday’s Men’s Health Checks at the Old Library Trust, Creggan. The event was part of the Communitities In Transition Programme. (Photos: Jim McCafferty Photography)

Another local man, Michael McGuinness, praised the OLT for their forward-thinking. ‘These things didn’t happen twenty years ago. It’s good to get your health checked out as regularly as possible and these kinds of events should help promote the importance of staying healthy, for all of us, young men as well as those the same age as myself. I even enjoyed the social aspect of today’s programme. I’m meeting people!’

Colum Millar and Denis McLaughlin fill in a survey with the assistance of Aisling Hutton, after taking part in Saturday’s Men’s Health Day at the Old Library Trust, Creggan.

Julie White, Communities in Transition Project Co-Ordinator at The Old Library Trust also highlighted the importance of connecting people to their community and the support available.

Julie commented: ‘Today’s event is part of our aim to raise the spirits of local men and highlight the importance of providing opportunities and access for men to engage and discuss their health and taking those key steps to making a positive change.’

‘A big thanks you also to our funders at the NI Executive Office who continue to support the work of our organisation but more importantly our residents and communities.’ The OLT will be launching new programmes and events in January and wish to encourage anyone who needs support to keep an eye out for our newsletter in 2023