The event made possible with the partnerships from everyone below with a particular mention to the Executive Office Communities in Transition programme for supporting with funding to enable the event to happen.

Missing is Ryan from Sean Dolans Gac the photo was taken when he popped out for a minute.

Thank you to our community partners at:

Sean Dolans GAC

Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership

Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum

Rio Ferdinand Foundation

Diolain Ward @Trojans

Arc Fitness – Addiction Recovery Coaching

Beechwood Barbers

North West Youth Service

Congratulations to Caiden Jordan for winning the penalty shootout competition facilitated by Sean from Rio foundation and supported by Trojans.

The lads engaged well this evening and took part in everything on offer and Glen Hinds had them all captivated while discussing a few things relevant to their lives. We all learnt a new techniques if we get overwhelmed

Take Care and talk!